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The Stolen Herd by Karai Madill


From the imagination of K. Madill comes the epic three-part fantasy, The Adventures of Mandamus and Luco.

Book One: The Stolen Herd

Mandamus is only a foal when his herd, the Alsvid, are rounded up by the Rakhana Army to be used as warhorses for Queen Asura. Rescued and raised in secrecy, he knows nothing of his true heritage until a dreadful incident in the Deep Woods brings him to the attention of the Forest Council and everyone else.

Sent away to redeem himself, he fights his way though the kingdom until fate delivers him to Luco – a musician with a shocking secret of his own.

Will Mandamus and Luco be able to save the Alsvid from the army or will the queen get them first?

“The Stolen Herd is a wonderful young adult adventure and coming of age story, with beautifully drawn characters that engage and delight the reader.”

– R.A. McCandless

The Sleeping Prophets by Karai Madill

Book Two: The Sleeping Prophets

“One more thing,” Gideon interrupted, grabbing his jar. “Aicha is just a taste of what Asura has on her side. You need weapons and you need to be taught how to use them. The Snowbreth tribe have agreed to help you, so I want you to go to the Azure Caves to see them before going to the Light Sands.”

“The Snowbreth?” Luco repeated, staring at Gideon in horror. “Are you kidding? Why would we go there? The Snowbreth aren’t going to help us, they hate humans. They’ll eat us. And if we don’t end up on their plates, then they’ll enslave us and work us until we’re dead!” Luco tugged Mandamus’ rein. “Come on. Enough of this crazy talk. We have to get home.”

Gideon grabbed Luco’s shoulder. “Don’t tell me you really believed all the drivel you heard from the Silver Castle,” he said. “King Farzad and his tribe do not hate humans. The queen and her wizard lied.”

Luco stayed silent but Mandamus could tell by his face that he was frightened and that confused him. If the Snowbreth were so horrible, why would Gideon send them there?”

After a short rest in Roseneath, Mandamus and Luco hit the road to seek King Farzad, leader of the Snowbreth tribe. Luco is terrified for the Snowbreth are gigantic, furry creatures with a reputation for eating humans, but Gideon has told them to go and everyone in the Silver Kingdom knows that you never go against a Forest Man’s orders. Mandamus, on the other hand, is eager to meet King Farzad for he trusts Gideon and knows they are no match for Queen Asura and her army without training.

Will the Snowbreth turn out to be man-eating creatures as Luco fears or will they help?


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