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My Maremma Dog is Probably Actually A Dire Wolf



Mandamus is only a foal when his herd was stolen by the army. With the help of a Man of the Forest called Gideon Wanderer he was whisked away during the capture and given to another herd, the Harenas, that lived on the beaches at the Great Edge. Raised in secrecy, he knew nothing of his heritage or herd until a he runs afoul of the Night Mares, a herd of flesh eating horses. Sent away to redeem himself by a council of fellow animals, he s

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“I must say, I did enjoy mauling the humans a little,” Barcus answered darkly, stretching to his full height on hind legs. “Well, at least now we know where some of the Amorak wolf pack has gone.” He hung his head. “Gideon, this is terrible. I killed a couple of them, you know. I had to. They were attacking me and I don’t understand why. I’ve always gotten on well with the wolves and they’ve never been overly fond of man. Why would they join the humans now?”

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Raja is a King Cobra:

While I am no fan of snakes, having stepped on lots while running barefoot through the woods of Ontario, I admire their  beauty, strength and resilience. Asking all of you to be fond of a cobra..well… ok – it is a bit of a stretch!

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